Understanding Dental Implant Basics

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Are you aware of dental implants and how they can benefit your smile? If not, we have exciting news for you! Dental implants are a fantastic way to restore a lost tooth and complete your smile. When it comes to any dental procedure, it is important to understand the basics, so you know what to expect. That is why, our oral surgeons, Dr. Frank Paletta and Dr. Mo Banki with MSL Surgery in Warwick, Rhode Island, are happy to share some basic insight on dental implants.

Dental implant essential tips and tricks include:

-Over the last 40 years, dental implants are still one of the most substantial advances in the world of dentistry according to the American Dental Association.

-The dental implant is formed of titanium, which is a very strong and durable material, which is compatible with the human body.

-Dental implants are a long-term solution because they are surgically placed deep in your jaw and fuse with your existing bone creating a strong anchor for your new tooth.

-After the healing process is complete, a dental crown can be used and placed over it, which will match to your teeth looking natural for years to come.

If you need help understanding more about dental implants, or if you are interested in dental implants as a smile restoration option, then please call us today at 401-739-5500 to make an appointment. We are always happy to address your questions and concerns to any of our treatment plans for your oral health care.