Distraction osteogenesis is a fairly new procedure used to correct and repair bone deformities. Originally performed in 1903, this procedure was perfected in the 1950s for surgery in the arms and legs. In 1990, distraction osteogenesis was used to treat facial and oral deformities. Since its first procedure, distraction osteogenesis has provided oral surgeons with a way to safely and efficiently correct defected bone.

The term “distraction” refers to a specific tool, called a distractor, that slowly pulls two pieces of bone apart. The overall purpose of distraction osteogenesis is to stimulate new bone to grow in the gap created by separating to bone segments. Distraction osteogenesis can also be used to make a bone longer, such as when a portion of the jawbone does not grow as fast as the rest.

Distraction osteogenesis is an outpatient procedure, which means you can return home once the surgery is complete. It is minimally invasive and typically results in less pain and swelling than more traditional oral surgeries. Distraction osteogenesis also eliminates the need for patients to receive a bone graft, thus eliminating the need for an additional procedure.

With distraction osteogenesis, Dr. Frank Paletta and Dr. Mo Banki can help your bone grow back naturally and support a dental implant. If you are interested in learning more about distraction osteogenesis in Warwick, Rhode Island, and North Attleboro, Massachusetts, we welcome you to call 401-739-5500 or visit MSL Surgery today.

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