When you receive dental implants from MSL Surgery, our oral surgeons will discuss possible side effects and post-operative instructions before your procedure. However, for additional reference, we have provided the instructions below:

After your oral surgery in Warwick, Rhode Island, or North Attleboro, Massachusetts, it is important not to disturb the surgical site. When you receive dental implants, avoid rinsing or touching the wound for the remainder of your surgery day. As you heal, you may experience many side effects, including:

  • Bleeding: it is normal to experience some bleeding for 24 hours after surgery. To control blood flow, gently bite down on a gauze for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues after 24 hours, contact our office.
  • Swelling: minor swelling is normal. To treat swelling, you can place an ice pack on your cheek, over the implant site. Apply as frequently as possible for the first 36 hours.
  • Diet: after surgery, it is important to drink lots of fluids. Avoid eating and drinking hot items. At least for the remainder of your day of surgery, eat soft foods. You may continue a diet of soft foods after your first day, but try to return to your regular diet as early as possible.
  • Pain: our oral surgeons will provide pain killers after your surgery. Follow the medication instructions. Do not take more than the instructed doses.
  • Antibiotics: some procedures will require antibiotics to prevent infection. Take them as prescribed.
  • Oral Hygiene: it is important to maintain excellent oral hygiene after surgery. After surgery, you will receive a Peridex Oral Rinse. Use this once on your first night, then after breakfast and before bed every day until it is gone. Rinse for 30 seconds. Also, rinse with warm salt water 4-5 times daily. Continue brushing your teeth regularly, but be gentle.
  • Activity: limit physical activity until you are directed that you can return to normal activity. Engaging in too much physical activity early on can cause excessive bleeding or pain.
  • Wearing your Prosthesis: for a minimum of 10 days after surgery, avoid wearing flippers and partial or full dentures. Our doctors will discuss this more in your pre-operative consultation.

For additional instructions for dental implant surgery, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frank Paletta and Dr. Mo Banki, we welcome you to call our practice.


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