Restore a Lost Tooth With a Dental Implant

Have you lost an adult tooth because of decay, an oral accident, or another issue? Losing a tooth can make simple things like chewing and speaking no longer so simple. In addition, a lost tooth can mar the appearance of the smile. So, what can be done about a lost... Read more »

Keeping the TMJs Healthy

Is your mouth receiving the care and attention it needs to thrive? That includes the joints of your jaw. The temporomandibular joints, also called TMJs, are vital for the proper function of your mouth. You’ll want to peruse these tips to see if you have TMJ disorder: - To protect... Read more »

Tooth Extractions when Pregnant: Are they Necessary?

No one wants oral surgery, particularly when you are expecting; however, if an emergency occurs and the dentist believes the right thing to do is remove the tooth, you can rest assure, it is safe. When it comes to tooth extraction, timing is key. The ADA recommends dental work should... Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Pointers

During your late teens to early twenties, your final teeth will grow in and push through the gums in the back of both sides of your mouth. These last molars are called your wisdom teeth. Some people whose wisdom teeth fully surface without any problem will never need them removed.... Read more »

Do You Have Orofacial Pain?

Do you have orofacial pain? This is a term for any pain felt of the jaw, inside the mouth, or anywhere on the face. It’s a common problem. In fact, 22% of Americans reported suffering some kind of facial pain in a six month period; 12% of the time it... Read more »

Getting a Bone Graft in Preparation for Dental Implants

Bridgework used to be the main form of dental restoration for a missing tooth. This dental apparatus is only as strong as the two teeth that anchor it. In the last few decades, dental technology has advanced so that dental implants are available and better than ever. This is the... Read more »

Your Heart Can Be Affected by the Breathing Interruption Caused by Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious respiratory condition that affects the respiratory health and sleep quality of millions of Americans each year. While it can vary from person to person based on several different factors, it often causes chronic snoring issues and breathing Interruption while sleeping. As time goes on the... Read more »

A Tooth Lost to a Dental Abscess Might Be Restored with a Dental Implant

A dental abscess can develop in your periodontal tissues from an untreated cavity, where the tooth decay spreads beyond the tooth. Early on Dr. Mo Banki might be able to treat the abscess and the decayed tooth by performing a root canal. In the case of a severe dental abscess,... Read more »

Waiting to Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted Until Adulthood Might Require Oral Surgery

Most people lack sufficient space in the back of their mouth for their wisdom teeth to fully emerge from the gums without complications. This often calls for the teeth to be extracted before they can cause harm to the roots of the healthy rear molars. Even if one or two... Read more »

The Titanium of a Dental Implant Can Replicate the Natural Strength of a Missing Tooth’s Root

While it’s certainly unfortunate, there are some rare times when a severe dental trauma or an untreated cavity results in total tooth loss. In a situation like this Dr. Mo Banki might recommend extracting the remaining root of the tooth to prevent a dangerous infection from developing in your periodontal... Read more »