Dental prosthetics are used to replace missing teeth. Some common dental prosthetics include dentures and dental bridges. In order to have your dental prosthetic fit properly, Drs. Frank Paletta and Mo Banki are pleased to offer pre-prosthetic surgery. For more details, we welcome you to contact MSL Surgery and schedule a consultation with our oral surgeons in Warwick, Rhode Island, and North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Prosthodontics is a specific field of dentistry that focuses on replacing missing or highly damaged teeth and oral tissue. Doctors who practice prosthodontics can diagnose, plan treatments, conduct rehabilitation, and maintain the proper appearance and function of your mouth. At our practice, we want to ensure that your prosthodontic appliances fit comfortably and securely in your smile. To do this, our oral surgeons may recommend a pre-prosthetic surgery.

Because prosthodontic appliances typically fit along the alveolar ridge of the jawbone, it is important that the bone maintains its natural size and shape. If a tooth has been removed, the bone underneath may be uneven jagged. In order for dentures and other prosthodontic appliances to fit properly, the underlying bone needs to be smooth. With a pre-prosthetic surgery, our oral surgeons can smooth out your bone and prepare it for your dental prosthetic.

During a pre-prosthetic surgery, our oral surgeons can perform a variety of procedures, including:

  • Reshaping and smoothing bone
  • Removing extra bone
  • Reducing the bone ridge
  • Removing excess oral tissue
  • Exposing any impacted teeth

If you are receiving some sort of dental prosthetic, we welcome you to call 401-739-5500 or visit our practice and learn whether you could benefit from pre-prosthetic surgery.

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