MSL Surgery is pleased to offer surgery to repair cleft lip and palate in Warwick, Rhode Island, and North Attleboro, Massachusetts. If you or a loved one has a cleft lip or palate, Dr. Frank Paletta and Dr. Mo Banki can conduct an examination and help you know whether you could benefit from surgery. Because cleft lip and palate can lead to several problems down the road, our oral surgeons want to help you get the treatment you need now and avoid future issues. Please contact us today at 401-739-5500 to schedule your consultation.

Cleft palate and lip are birth defects that occur on a fairly common basis. These two conditions can occur individually or together. A cleft palate occurs when the two sides of the upper oral palate fail to come together properly as the fetus develops in the womb. This results in the child having an open gap in the roof of their mouth. Cleft lip is distinguished by the separation of a lip’s two sides; it often also includes separation of the gums and jawbone in the upper jaw.

Cleft lip and palate can both lead to several serious problems that can come up very early in life. Some of these issues include:

  • Having one or more speech impediments
  • Difficulty feeding as a baby or infant
  • Excessive ear infections or even hearing loss
  • Misaligned teeth and other dental issues

If your child was born with a cleft deformity, our oral surgeons often recommends receiving early treatment to avoid any potential problems. At our practice, we are qualified to provide the necessary surgeries, and to help you regain maximum oral health. If you would like to know more, we welcome you to visit or call our practice today!

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