Although wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, it can be complex, and it requires attentive care both during and after surgery. At MSL Surgery, Drs. Frank Paletta and Mo Banki will review at-home care instructions for after your wisdom teeth are removed. We ask that you review these as necessary to properly care for your mouth.

Immediately Following Surgery

  • Keep the gauze in place for at least 30 minutes, after which is should be thrown away.
  • Avoid aggressive rinsing around and touching the surgical site.
  • Take any prescribed medications as directed, and take them as early as possible to avoid greater discomfort.
  • Wait to engage in regular physical activity until you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Use ice packs to help reduce swelling.

Following surgery, you may experience several side effects as you recover. Some of these include:

  • Bleeding: some bleeding can be expected after surgery, as well as minor oozing or red saliva. To lessen the bleeding, place a gauze over the treatment site and bite down for about half an hour. If bleeding continues, bite down on another gauze, or a moistened tea bag. If bleeding still persists, contact our office.
  • Swelling: swelling around the mouth, eyes, and cheeks is normal after surgery. It may take 2-3 days for swelling to reach its peak and dissipating. Apply ice packs to the swelling areas as consistently as bearable for the first 36 hours. After 36 hours, apply moist heat.
  • Pain: our oral surgeons will provide medication instructions for pain relief. Follow these instructions exactly.
  • Diet: only drink liquids for the first several hours, but do not use a straw. Avoid eating on the surgical sites, and eat only soft, high-calorie, and high-protein foods for a few days. Our doctors will give additional specific diet instructions prior to your surgery. Do not skip meals, and try to drink 5-6 full glasses of liquid a day.
  • Keep the Mouth Clean: do not use any sort of mouth rinse for the remainder of your surgery day. Gently brush your teeth, and rinse carefully. On the day following surgery, rinse your mouth 5-6 times day with warm salt water, particularly after eating.
  • Discoloration: after swelling, you may experience some slight bruising. This may not occur until 2-3 days after surgery. To reduce discoloration, apply moist heat.
  • Antibiotics: take antibiotics only as directed, as they will help you prevent infection.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: if you experience any nausea or vomiting after your surgery, do not take oral medicine. After at least one hour, sip drinks that can calm your stomach, such as Coke, ginger ale, or mild tea. Once the nausea dissipates and the vomiting stops, try nibbling on solid foods and take any prescribed medicine.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to care for your mouth after your wisdom teeth removal in Warwick, Rhode Island, or North Attleboro, Massachusetts, we invite you to contact our office. We are here to help you!

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