A Tooth Lost to a Dental Abscess Might Be Restored with a Dental Implant

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A dental abscess can develop in your periodontal tissues from an untreated cavity, where the tooth decay spreads beyond the tooth. Early on Dr. Mo Banki might be able to treat the abscess and the decayed tooth by performing a root canal.

In the case of a severe dental abscess, Dr. Mo Banki might recommend extracting whatever remains of the tooth’s root to help alleviate the pain and excise the infected tissues. After your gums have been sutured, they might provide you with a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics.

Once your gums have fully Dr. Mo Banki can help you understand your methods for restoring the tooth. This often calls for having them to perform a minimally invasive oral surgery to install a titanium dental implant into the remaining structure of the socket. If the socket has been compromised they might first recommend a preparatory treatment.

Once the titanium implant has fully integrated with the surrounding bone structure, Dr. Mo Banki can start the process of installing a standard dental crown made from porcelain, gold, or base metals. With proper care and cleaning, your newly restored tooth should last for many years to come.

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