How to Tell if You’re a Sufferer of the TMJ Disorder

The TMJ disorder is a common problem that affects many. It can even affect lives to the point it’s tough to function and perform everyday tasks. If you think you’re a victim of the TMJ disorder, it’s time to find out. Doing so can help you treat the disorder before it gets worse and help you return to a normal,... read more »

TMJ Basics

Do you have tenderness or pain in your jaw? Do you have consistent pain around your ears? It may be difficult or painful to chew, or your jaw may lock, making it difficult to open or close your mouth.  If you deal with any of these symptoms fairly consistently, you may need to be seen for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.... read more »

Do You Have Orofacial Pain?

Do you have orofacial pain? This is a term for any pain felt of the jaw, inside the mouth, or anywhere on the face. It’s a common problem. In fact, 22% of Americans reported suffering some kind of facial pain in a six month period; 12% of the time it was a toothache. Most often orofacial pain is a dental... read more »