Sleep Apnea Causes and Types

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to breathing? It may be sleep apnea affecting your good night’s rest. This can be caused by block signals in your brain (central sleep apnea) or an obstruction in your airway (obstructive sleep apnea). Either of these sleep apnea problems cause trouble breathing during the night. Speak to Dr. Mo Banki and our dental professionals about what treatment is best for you.

Some basic causes of sleep apnea include genetics, disorders, or those with some type of nasal obstruction. People over 40 years old, especially men, are typically more at risk than others. Some genetic factors include an inherited sleep apnea problem, often displayed in previous family members; or characteristics of the face such as oversized tonsils, a small-sized jaw in comparison to the mouth, or an enlarged tongue.

Disorders such as sinus problems or allergies can also be an attribute of sleep apnea. Individuals with sleep apnea tend to also have a deviated septum or another type of obstruction that blocks the nasal passage.

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